Anonymous: Hi! I used your light theme (#01) for a long time and I loved it! But now it just isn't for me. I still really like how you did the audio player and the "tagsie" div (the permalink, the like, the reblog URL, etc.) though. Would it be okay if I used those two codes on a different theme, but openly credited your hard work and added a link to your page? Or would that be considered breaking your Terms of Use?

That would be considered breaking my Terms of Use.

 Anonymous: Hi! I'm using your windchimes theme but when I scroll the sidebar doesn't stay where it is? So is there a code to make it stay in place? Thank you!

I’ve answered this question previously here :)

 repibliksesel: Do you have a dash theme for Mac/Safari users?

The dashboard themes should work whether you are using PC or Mac, and Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. I actually use Mac myself, so they should definitely work for you! :)

 hobinoona: Hello, I'm using your (great) Windchimes theme but I have a question. Is it possible to have the tags un-caps lock all the time?

Yes! Find the lines that say #tagsie2{ and #tagsie2a{, and near the bottom, delete the part that says text-transform:uppercase;

 thelyricsthatbindus-roleplay: I just want to thank you for your themes. They're so cute!

Thank you!! :D

I apologize for the delay in answering some of these questions, answers are under the cut! I’ve also updated my updates board to show that I am on semi-hiatus status.

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font pack by princessnina



One of my favourite types of things to create on photoshop has to be typography posters. I’ll be teaching you to make something like this -

This tutorial doesn’t follow a specific poster for you to make as the whole idea is to create something unique. I’ll be showing some…


Theme 08: Wings
live preview & code | inspired by la-romanesca


» [#35] Bittersweet

UPDATED 10/20/2012
CREDIT fruitstyle [inspiration] · tastesofparadise [psd]

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Just have a few things to remind people about:

Recommended for:

  • text-based / role playing blogs
  • fan blogs
  • theme / resource blogs
  • people who want a professional/website-looking blog
  • this theme does not come with infinite scrolling
  • the banner is 650px in width
  • you do not need to use a banner to use this theme
  • you do not need to use custom links to use this theme